Shop And Save - Convicted felon Eileen betarie of stealing idenity and cards

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Shop and save canonsburg pa convicted of forgery theft idenity theft using other peoples info aloud to handle your credit card to ring out your groceries at shop and save. She memorizes the numbers to purchase high end clothes and other items.

By using store customers info. Still aloud to work there buyer beware she is very dangerous. Brown hair brown eyes.

Makes minimum wage but as you see she wears expensive clothes off your money. So make sure to check your credit statements for unusual purchased she stole my credit card Information to buy Ugg boots

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So why is Eileen Betarie Chambers still working at shop n save canonsburg. She has more felony charges against her!

She pleaded guilty to 2 felonies is on 10 yr probation, 40000 restitution and now her and her boyfriend William Thomas and her brothers and sister and others are bring charged because they are still scamming banks, credit cards,forgery,etc... People check your statements.

As a cashier she got your numbers and using your money to pay their bills and buy her and her boyfriend drinks at the local bars. Really shop n save manager/owners you should be charged too just for keeping her employed you provided opportunity for her to get more numbers to continue scamming!!


Dear shop n save owner, you should be ashamed to jeopardize all the elderly customers who already get taken advantage of, to keep an employee who has been convicted of felony fraud and identity theft on the registers. From her public records she has been doing this for years it's not like it's a first offense she has a lengthy arrest record, how did she get hired in the first place?

No one like that should be at the register unless she's sleeping with the boss or the bosses son she shouldn't be employed period!! But as any blind man can see she is with a lot of men and flirts to get what she wants and William Thomas must be pretty naive or stupid if he thinks she belongs to him,social media is a great tool to see the truth of what she really is!!


I heard shes done way more and is going to jail


I know it was her kids idenity she stole . Plus the only kid that talks to her, her and william Thomas live off his ssi.

What kind of mother does that.

Shes a piece of crap. I will never shop there again.


This is a shame. I will not go there.


The word I have heard all her siblings do the same. Michele betarie.

Ronald betarie the 3td. Lisa Betarie. Frank Betarie.

Nathan Weydner.Andrew Betarie Who burglerized a store in town. All This info can be confirmed on the ujs portal and


Shame on shop n save for allowing convicted felons to work as a cashier of all things. I agree she needs a job but let her stock shelves on the overnight shift so she has no contact with money/cards etc and her boyfriend William Thomas can't hang out to distract customers.

Why is shop n save a hang out for anyway?

I know I won't go there anymore it's worth the drive to keep my identity safe. Shame on the owner

to Dorothy69 #1388933

Agreed. I wonder how they allow this behavior at Shop and save. It makes you wonder if management isnt in on it.


Should customers be concerned. That woman still works there.

I dont understand. I am an elderly women.I think I will start going to Giant Eagle.

If Shop and Save allows her to handle our debit cards, whos to say shes not stealing my info. And what about the other cashiers?


It is chambers she uses the alias as a deterrent


I read this in the paper. Thought her last name is Chambers. It must be an alias

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William Thomas 126 Smith st Canonsburg pa. Affiliated with Shop and save canonsburg pa.Keep your kids away from the address to he's not registered at that address

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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